Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart So Better Things Can Fall Together
- Marilyn Monroe




a result of my wild wednesday night on rollercoaster tycoon video’d for your viewing and entertaining pleasure!!!!! only about a minute and half long but worth it for the big finale which is very emotional. ENJOY. XXXXX

Omg laughing so freaking hard send help.

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Ouiji Board Latex Dress by Vital Vein Fashion

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Women of color and the Disney characters they have played.

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Rita Hayworth in "You Were Never Lovelier" (1942)

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masturbation and murder are like the same thing its all fun and games until u get caught

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in the south we don’t say “you’re a dumb fuck” we say “bless your heart” and i think that’s beautiful. 

the more mind-obliteratingly stupid we find you, the more descriptive we get. “bless your precious, sweet, mama-loving heart” means we’re not 100% certain how you possess enough intelligence to draw breath.

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