Sometimes Good Things Fall Apart So Better Things Can Fall Together

- Marilyn Monroe

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I can deal with this shit anymore. Seriously. What is the point in tomorrow when you know it’s going to be shit.


Another fantastic example of Ohio quality. Morrison & Fay operated out of Bryan in northwestern Ohio. #typehunter #typehunting #badgehunting #vintageadvertising

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Photographer Pavel Becker and designer Nora Luther may have discovered the most aesthetically pleasing way to depict recipes.

Using high speed photography and a bit of luck, the duo captured all of the ingredients in various dishes perfectly suspended in midair.

High Speed Photos Show Recipes’ Ingredients Suspended in Midair

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Muhammad Ali (then still Cassius Clay) training in a pool at the Sir John Hotel in Miami, 1961 by Flip Schulke.

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A Sunlit Interior, Herbert Davis Richter (1875-1955)

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Five women in Paris change into my clothes.

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